Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dessert Tables

I am becoming a big fan of dessert tables at wedding receptions - and pretty much anywhere. 

There are some ga-ga-gorgeous spreads of sweetness out there that can really make a modest food budget into an eye-catching, mouth-watering centerpiece.

Like this:
That ribbon technique is lots of fun, by the way.  You can see how my dummy cakes turned out when I tried my hand at the ruffles and ribbons for the first time here
And this:


Ok, that last one would NOT be budget friendly, but I would dance happily about my kitchen if I got to recreate something like that.  But...I digress.

Really, who wouldn't be excited to see that at the next reception they go to?

I'm excited to be working with a bride who is taking this more modern concept for her big day.  I'm making four smaller cakes with varying heights and decorations, but they will all pull together and compliment each other beautifully.  And I'm excited because I get to use some of these gorgeous pedestals I've been collecting.  They are pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. 

Anyway, it's a fun idea, and a great way to incorporate multiple ideas into the same table.  You could do anything with this - I would love to do a few cakes for a table that has the same color scheme, but wildly different textures and techniques for the decoration. 

Operators are standing by to take your order:).  (And yes, that means my voicemail...)