Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's...shower time!

Oh, dear cake lovers, I am once again, exhausted.  I have just come through a week turned up to 11 in every way possible...cake, Vacation Bible School, major day-job stuffs, major volunteer commitments and a few other things...including but not limited to my husband getting attacked by a deer in our brand new car. 


That said - I delivered a rockin' bridal shower cake this weekend, and the pictures are here for you to feast your eyes on and tell your friends.  

Gorgeous set-up...these ladies have some serious froo-froo talent!

Original gum paste topper - how cute are they?

There's a story behind the sandal.  Kind of like a beach-version of Cinderella...ish.

My beautiful friend, Amy, who gets to call herself "MRS." in another month!

I think she likes it:).

Three tiers of Buttery Yellow Cake and Vanilla Buttercream
Only thing better than sitting with your love on the beach
at sunset would be sitting on CAKE with your love at sunset.  

Congratulations, Amy!

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