Friday, March 25, 2011

How Spider-Man Saved My Blog

That's right, kids, I am a real, live person who has been rescued by a comic book superhero.

Spider-Man saved me.  Or rather, he saved my blog from certain death. 

I've just been a little out of it lately.  Lots of things have kept my creativity at bay, but thankfully, I have a nephew, and he did me the favor of being born about three years ago.  So Voila!  CAKE! 

We got some whiiiite cake on the top...8" with vanilla icing.
Then we got some cho-CO-LOT on the bottom...8" square with vanilla too.
Happy Birthday, Roo!

So, I suppose I can credit both Spidey and Mr. Ricky Rooster for bringing my cake boards out of hiding, dusting off my mixer and generally reviving a hobby I enjoy...and flatter myself I might be good at.

Happy Birthday, Ricky.  And thanks for playing sidekick to your favorite superhero to save my cake skills and my blog! 

OOOO...side view!  She can spell "Birthday!"

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