Thursday, February 24, 2011

Patience...the problem is not in your set

I'm still here.

I've just had a lack of inspiration lately, and that is the number one problem of keeping a good blog going.  I started strong, but I'm lagging now. 

If I could get the various home-improvement projects taken care of, I'd have some counter space to create some catastrophes out of sugar. 

It should happen soon...because I need to bust a move with the gum paste here pretty soon.  I've got a ton of flowers to make and time is waning. 

Tick.  Tock.


  1. so i am not sure when i could come down -- have to look at my schedule, but would you be willing to make a cake either in the shape of Belarus or decorated as the Belarusian flag? i will definitely pay for it :) it might help w/ some inspiration!!

  2. Rachel...the national symbol would be fun! google that...we could do it in like it.