Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arranging and Maybe Giving Away...

It's one thing to make a pretty flower. 

It's another thing altogether to put it next to other flowers in a way that doesn't look like a Victorian nightmare.

My preference is always simple.  I like uncomplicated florals that hold up the beauty of one or two blooms, with plenty of room for air and light. 

My concept for the cake I'm working on now is to do something like this on top (plus a splash of green here and there):

Then at the base of the tiers, I want to group a few flowers together, a little like this:

I realize I'm a baker, not a florist, and I have an untrained eye.  All I know is what I like and what looks beautiful to me.  I'm usually a pretty harsh critic of my own work.  So I figure if I like it, that's a pretty good sign I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of the right track. 

Speaking of might be time for another promo here at Bake Lore.  Anyone in the mood to win some handmade sugar flowers of their very own?

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