Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderful Day for a Give Away!

Hello, cake lovers!

It's been a wonderful, exhausting day.  As usual, when I've had a big project come to an end, I'm just about out of words.  All I have is pictures, and hopefully they will speak for me. 

I apologize for the less than stellar photography.  I left in a rush in the wee hours this morning and forgot my super double plus awesome camera.  These are brought to you courtesy of my phone.

17 roses, 9 calla lilies and a bunch of little buds and green leaves
The view from up top!
Top and bottom tiers: Lightly Lemon with vanilla butter cream
Middle tier: Buttery Yellow with vanilla butter cream
And just for kicks (and because the top tier of this gorgeous garden cake wasn't touched by anyone by my carefully gloved hand) - I'm going to do a fast and furious give away of the top tier. 

Like it?  Leave me a comment!  This post and tomorrow's post will leave room for entries, so if you want it, comment away! 


  1. This cake is gorgeous and I am truly AMAZED by your ARTISTRY!! God has given you such a wonderful talent. HAve a great day! This look almost too good to eat! Rhonda Coombs

  2. Amy, this is just beautiful! Your flowers just keep getting better...I'm so proud of you!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Tell your friends to come enter this fast give away!

  4. Mmm, lemon cake! My favorite!