Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Creepy Hobby

"So, Amy, what did you do this weekend?"

"Oh, nothing much...the usual.  I stayed home and made tiny figurines of my friends out of sugar."

*cricket chirping*

"Riiiight, well I gotta go..."

Seems to me that this love I have of making stuff out of edible clay can be a little creepy sometimes.  I was thinking that while trying to gauge whether or not I had made a convincing bust line on the sugar image of one of my awesomest friends.

I actually asked myself "do those look like Friend X's boobs?"

At this point, I instinctively smacked my forehead with my palm and wondered why I started down this disturbing path of hobby turned business. 

No, really, this is a legitimate cake order.  Another super, stalwart gal-pal called me up and asked me to make this bridal-shower confection, and I instantly saw my friend and her husband-to-be as little gum paste figures, looking adoringly at each other through their fake, sugar eyes.  It had to be done.

I found a pretty great set of tutorials for clay on eHow to get me started.  I thought I'd show you a little of what I'm learning and putting into practice.  I'm going for more of a cartoon feel to these figures, so no chiseled abs on my models.  Just arms legs and faces thanks:). 

(Added bonus of this video: genuine Italian accent makes all instructions easier to follow.)

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