Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cookie Nostalgia

I got a little nostalgic today, and started looking back over all my old Bake Lore posts.  I've had a lot of fun playing with my food - and today, I just have to revisit the cookies I've made. 

Some were gifts - when you have a lot of cousins, it becomes necessary to find a less expensive Christmas option, such as, their giant initials in flour, sugar and butter:). 

For the girls...
For the boys...

And it wasn't too long ago that I was covered in royal icing to make the world's cutest baby shower cookies. 
Ohhh!  My biological clock just went off again:). 
I mean, cute!  What a great idea for a baby shower.  I mean, you need as much to munch on as possible at a baby shower, so why not throw in a tray of cookies to go with your awesome cake. 

And here is the awesome cake they went with! 

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