Friday, February 4, 2011

Cake Is WAY Better than a Card.

Pretend it's Valentine's Day.  Love it or hate it, we ALL want to be thought of on that day.

When I was a girl, my Dad always had a Valentine for me, and I loved it.  My Grandma used to send me ten bucks every year in a little card.

Gum paste roses, vanilla buttercream, chocolate cake
This was an order for an engagement celebration.
No matter who you are, what your relationship status, you just want to know someone loves you on Valentine's Day.  Yeah, champagne, red roses and a moonlit carriage ride would be awesome.  But sometimes, just letting your girlfriends know you understand loneliness...or telling your son he's wonderful even when girls reject him...that can be the most important Valentine you can give someone.

In honor of the upcoming guessed it...I'm featuring my own heart-shaped cake.  Honestly...if you are going to go for a Valentine's Day gift this year, cake says "I love you" much better than a five dollar greeting card.

Piping in chocolate
I mean literally, I can write "I love you" on the dang cake. 

Or, if you're not in the mood for a pretty one, I can certainly make it out of red velvet and whack it down the middle for your broken-hearts-we-hate-Valentine's-Day un-celebration:).

Oh those gorgeous roses...know you want some!
But even if you go that route, you still need a good cake.  So whether you're looking to celebrate love in all it's splendor or spit in the face of Cupid, you should call me.  Cake is important for being happy, and for being depressed. You just can't go wrong.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I love the tone of this post, Amy. Your cakes are a marvel, and I miss you!

  2. Thank you, dear one! I miss you too! I was just longing for a visit with you as I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and saw the stack of unused tea bags in the pantry:).