Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What a day this has been.  I've been all over the map, joy, hope, anger, despair, remorse, relief, grief and now...gratitude.

A blog I frequent, Heavenly Homemakers, does a little something called "Gratituesday."  I'm joining in today, because I need to remember why I'm grateful.

Amidst other tragedies, literal tragedies, in our family today, I lost a big cake order.  The iris cake is a no-go, and all because I have yet to go through the costly process of becoming a certified, state-approved food handler.  I've been working on that particular aspect of my dare-to-dream bakery, but it just hasn't happened yet.  So far, there's been no need.  Every order has been a friend, and my friends have never been serving my cakes at places that require certification.  This was the first time my unofficial status has cost me, and I let it get to me.

After seeing me mope around the house for an hour or so, my husband, dear man, disappeared to his man cave only to re-emerge not long after with a list of reasons for me to stick my chin up and hope.

1.  He called the health department to find out what I needed to do to get my own kitchen up to code.
2.  He put a call in to the inspector at the health department, to set up a meeting for me
3.  He called my parents, asking them for help, and they are generously working with me to get that certification course under my belt.
4.  He called our local business guru to find out where there might be a kitchen already at code with an owner who'd be willing to work with me on rent/bartering.
5.  He filled up my bike tires.  (This is unrelated, but I am nonetheless extremely grateful for it.)

The older I get, the more I am touched by that kind of love...serving love.  I'm grateful for my husband today, for my parents, for the Lord, who saw me crying like a little kid in my living room today and sent me some good news. 

I have felt God's hand pulling me toward this dream for a long time now, and it may be time to make Cake Lore more than a blog and a little word-of-mouth, under-the-table hobby.  I'm grateful for the encouragement I received today - here's to renewed hope and God's sweet love! 
Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!


  1. i am so grateful as well that you have such a husband in lennon! i'm sorry you lost your order ames, but i am glad your hubby has sought to help you and took steps to get that done! if God has it in His plan for me to be wed someday, then i hope that i will have one of these moments!

    so i will participate in gratituesday, and be grateful that my friend has a wonderful spouse - and that that spouse can make cakes - even for his birthday (of some dude that i don't know - snake on a cake :) )

  2. I was just reading today that "hope" and "trust" are often used or translated interchangeably in the Bible. So don't think about having "renewed hope," but have "renewed trust" in God and His plan for you and your dream instead.

  3. I like that, Sarah, thank you. Are you a Sarah I know?

    And Rachel, I hope and pray you get the chance to bless some man's socks off. Can't wait to see you, dear!