Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nourishing Cake - Say WHAT?!

I realize it's hardly been the focus of this blog to share the nutritional content of my baking.  I will be honest, most of my creations are made of the best and most processed ingredients modern America has to offer.  And I don't think there's anything especially bad about indulging in such treats every once and a while - especially on one's wedding day.

But I've turned over a new leaf with my personal, for-the-fam baking, and I've discovered many, many new ways to turn what would normally be a nutritional wash into something I can feel good about feeding to my toddler.

Here's a coffee cake I made yesterday.  It's from the Sue Gregg Introduction to Whole Foods Cooking - and sorry, but I can't share the recipe.  You'll have to go check her out for yourself!  (And DO check her out.  She'll blow your processed-food mind, man!)

Spelt berry coffee cake with walnut oat topping
My belly has never spelt so good!  Aha...sorry.

It's made with whole spelt berries - that's right, not flour, just the actual GRAIN - in a blender.  I kid you not, you fill up your blender with spelt berries and buttermilk, whip it to death and let it sit, on the counter overnight.  Then in the A.M., you just add the leavening and eggs and presto, cook-o, you got yourself a yummy, nourishing breakfast/snack/dessert for the whole fam damily.

Spelt Berries...from The Dutch Pantry in Odon, IN

Seriously, I can honestly tell my two year old he can have cake for lunch and feel good about it.  It's made with honey, real grains and let me tell's awesome.  Couple that with a smoothie from frozen fruit and plain yogurt...and the kid gets "cake and ice cream" while I can feel good about what he's eating (and that he is, in fact eating SOMETHING!).


Someday, I will figure out a way to get this kind of quality food to the masses!

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