Sunday, April 3, 2011

Iris 360!

So, I was patient and waited until the gum paste was completely set before attempting assembly.  (I've learned the hard way that gum paste just will not be rushed.)

And, impressively, I learned to use the video button on my gadget phone, and here for your viewing pleasure, I present Amy's First Iris: The 360 Panoramic Experience of Awesomeness


Did I oversell that just a bit?  ;)

Next time I'm going to be able to get the petals a little closer together, and hopefully have the final color scheme down.  I just added some white luster dust to each petal, but I'd like to do a little more with it.  

Gotta say though, I'm really happy with this as my first try.  I'd be thrilled if there were a swag of these puppies on my wedding cake - or my birthday cake - or my hey-it's-Tuesday cake.  I make all of those by the way, any size ya want;).


  1. i don't think its an oversell! i enjoy flowers - especially ones you can eat!

    i'm glad spider-man saved your blog - he looked delicious!

  2. Thanks, Rachel...when are you coming to visit? I still have all those emails about a Belarus cake:).