Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's been a very long, long weekend.

What it lacked in cake and butter cream it made up for in french fries and soda pop.  There was a trip to a theme park, visits to various attractions in Terrible Haute (an affectionate title I assure you) and lastly, there was a trip to the zoo.

I'm beat.  That two year (almost three!) old has put me through some very public tantrums, smacks in the face, world class sassing and just generally vexing behavior.  I've not been a perfect parent, but we all survived and we still love each other.  I'm extremely grateful for that!  You have no idea!

And I'm gonna keep choosing to be grateful - for my son's burgeoning independence (would that it would transfer to his toilet habits, or lack thereof), for my husband's stalwart heart, for the firm discipline I got when I was a kid that I'm now passing on to my kid - "you'll thank me one day!"  Aha...

I'm thankful for opportunity.  I've been on the receiving end of many encouraging words from small business owners and the like - what a boost!  I'm thankful for my husband's opportunities - another job interview lined up for Thursday morning. 

And I'm thankful for God's sweet, always in time provision for our little corner of the universe.  Cake orders that pay phone bills - - teenagers who don't over charge for lawn work - - baby sitters who like to be paid in cake. 

And even on days filled with parental trauma, we have a dear little blonde boy telling me, in his tiny, sweet voice, "For God so loved the world...that he gave...only son so that  - - ever beweeves in Jesus...not die...but have everlasting...LIIIIIFE!" 

He always jumps and screams the last word. 

And it makes my heart so happy, so grateful, so ready to take it all on again tomorrow. 

Thank you, sweet Lord. 

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