Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready, Set...Set!

It's time for a little cake soul searching.  It's time for some goal setting.  So, ready, set...SET.

My Goal:  Get certified to be my own food safety supervisor.
My Plan:  Take the ServSafe test on July 25th and blow it out of the water!  I am already at the point where I'm questioning the methods of servers and food handlers in every restaurant I go to.  Hey, Waitress with nasty long red finger nails...are YOU the one making my salad??  Hey sandwich dude in your single use gloves...How long have you had those on??

My Goal:  Find a real kitchen.
My Plan:  I need a plan for this one.  Ideas anyone??  Seems like the only places around Linton are not set up for epic baking.  But hey, if I decide to deep fry my products, I'm good to go.

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My Goal:  Get accountable.
My Plan:  Pay the fee to ye olde Greene County Health Department, get a tax ID number and get myself a serious, no kidding accounting method...or an accountant, which would be much better. And most importantly: WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN ALREADY!!!

My Goal:  Be a vendor at bridal shows.
My Plan:  I think I can attract some attention with the whole real butter cream thing.  From what I can tell, most of the cake shops in this area go for the cheap icing. I have a vision of a yellow dislplay, a vase full of gum paste flowers and a faux cake to be oggled by bride passers-by and their loaded parents!
*SIDE NOTE: Super excited about this group I found called the Wabash Valley Bridal Society.  I    would love, love love to be one of their vendors.

My Goal:  Set up better online system.
My Plan:  I want a real website...not sure how long this blog will suffice.  For now it's perfect for this one woman show.  With a fully functional website, I could take orders and interface with online party and wedding planners better.

My Goal:  End this post
My Plan: 

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