Saturday, November 19, 2011

Compliments of Bake Lore!

The day, the hour and the moment have arrived! 

Today is the Linton Festival of Homes and my house, now affectionately known as "The Gray Lady" (her many upgrades for this home show have allowed her to shed "The Gray Beast" and move up in the world!), is ga-ga-gorgeous, inside and out.

And who would miss such an opportunity to promote a cake business?  Not moi!

After they see the Christmas spread in the rest of my house, the ticket holders will get to stop in the kitchen for a free sample of Bake Lore cake. 

Buttery Yellow Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream and
a whole mess of hand made sugar flowers
festive, little holly berries
Hint Home Show Goers:
Doncha want to see these gorgeous things on your OWN cake???
My cahd, dahhhhhling...
I hope this turns into some new opportunities for Bake Lore.  Here's hoping those business cards go far and wide., I'm off to put my feet up.  It's been a LONG week, y'all.

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