Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Cabin That Could Have Been...

I am one of those people.

The kind who compress time, the kind who say "yes" when they should say "no," the kind who take too many mashed potatoes at dinner because they just look so good.

My plate has been WAY too full lately.  Holidays not withstanding, I chose to put my house (to whom I have affectionately referred as The Gray Beast since moving in) in a home show.  That's right, my 100 year old beast has been getting spruced up for her entrance into society.

My to-do list was four pages, single spaced.  I'm proud to say I've only got two things left on that list, both of which will be done by professionals while I watch sipping apple juice and eating fish cracker that I stole from my kid.

So why not add to that fun by entering a gingerbread log cabin contest????  Am I right????  I'm SO right! 

No.  I'm wrong. 

Why would you tell me I'm right.  That is so mean.  You just want to see me go gray prematurely and start consuming only fast food so I'll get fat and you can feel superior in your skinny pants.  I know.


So I entered a gingerbread log cabin contest.  I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to get this thing TO the contest, but I"ll figure that out after I scrape the royal icing out from under my finger nails.  Gross.

It's amazing how well home improvement skills transfer to decorating things.  It's all just a lot of caulking really. 

My original idea was pretty intense - a replica of my honeymoon cabin, complete with hot tub and porch swing.  But it came out slightly different...more like a white and brown Habitat for Humanity build that got suspended for code violations. 

If this were a gingerbread Jeep contest, I would totally have a chance.

Be's no prize winner, but under the circumstances, this was pretty much a blazing success.

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