Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almond Bliss

I love naming things.  I've always named my cars, instruments...and children too I suppose:).  But I hit a roadblock with my almond cake. 

So I went to the internet, made an appeal to my facebook friends (WHAT?  You haven't found Bake Lore on facebook yet?  Ok, go HERE, now.  Once again, I will wait.)

And thanks to their helpful suggestions, I've decided to call it Almond Bliss.  I love almond flavored confections, especially around the holidays, but a hint of almond also makes for a perfect bridal taste.

I made this cake last night.  It was ordered for flavor not beauty, so I thought I'd try to find a good every day cake look for it.  Yes, I added some sugar flowers, but this is me.  I can hardly move without making a sugar flower or two. 

Almond Bliss has already graced the table of at least one wedding reception.  I'm struggling to remember how many I've made - but this summer it will be back in action, making wedding guests happy and hopefully sending them back here for more.

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