Saturday, June 2, 2012


New flowers!

I've been sitting on these, figuratively speaking, for a week or two, dying to show them to you, but not wanting to spoil anything for my bride. 

The only thing better than a real peony is a peony you could potentially eat! 

I'm in love with the petal cutters I ordered from Sugar Craft.  They worked like a dream, and as you can see, they definitely do the job. 

These flowers are topping four individual cakes, which I will reveal soon.  This was a fun, creative project, and I'm so grateful for the tasteful, artistic eye of my bride who selected these for her big day. 

My personal favorite of this bunch is really the peach with it's little blossoms.

The peach is marzipan.  I used a little vodka and gel food color to get the classic peachy hues going.  And then I used petal dust for the actual blooms.  The "bark" is a whole lotta white floral wire painted brown, again with a little booze and gel food color.  (What can't you do with that combination??)

Last but not least, the smaller peony with it's little blossom buddies.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at my floral cakes for this week.  It's been a joy to work on all of these.  All the best to the happy bride and groom!!


  1. Awesome!!! Just beautiful! Rhonda C.

  2. the best ever! I want to see the cake...Now!!! lol lol I know, in due time. Great job.

  3. the anonymous at 7:48 p.m. was Carol w. Forgot to sign my name.