Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blerg Cake

You know how we all are these days. We order cake for everything.  It's not just weddings and birthdays anymore.  You can have a lavish cake when your divorce is final, order one to placate the groom and keep him from turning your wedding day into a re-enactment of his favorite scenes from Star Wars.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce a new genre of cake.  It's a tribute to one of my favorite TV characters, a woman who in many respects (minus the politics and skanky behavior with men) is eerily similar to the once-single version of moi, Liz Lemon.

Blerg!  Blerg I say!!
 To all you 30 Rock fans out there, and the one of you who might be reading my blog, I say this:  the BLERG CAKE is coming soon! 

What is a Blerg Cake, you might ask?  Ah.  Well.  Blerg is that delightful Liz Lemon word they created for TV to avoid so many FCC flags.  Not unlike the "Frack" of Battlestar Gallactica fame, "Blerg" is the panacea curse word. 

I've had a few bad days lately that have just made me say "blerg."  Sometimes dejectedly, sometimes with spirit, sometimes just to keep myself from saying something my two year old son might repeat during Sunday School. 

I've got a design, and the next time I can't sleep (which will be tonight until 3 am) I will get started.  So check in.  Look for it.  It's gonna make you say blerg.


  1. The way you start this post makes me laugh! Ahh, the groom placating cake to avoid the (much desired!) Star Wars themed portion of your wedding day. Weldon (and I...) had the idea at our wedding that the recessional would be the theme from Star Wars, but Father Richard put the ex-nay on that right away. 'Well, er... this is church, and we think it's a good idea to have church music in church...maybe you can play that at your reception?' Love Divine, All Loves Excelling ended up making a good recessional, anyway... ;)

  2. Hmm... a groom wanting a star wars wedding, I have no idea who that would be :)

    I can't WAIT for the blerg cake!!

  3. Yes, I was thinking of C-to-the-A-S-E-Y!