Thursday, January 13, 2011

I like my Mom, I really do!!

I like my Mom, I really, truly do.  I love her to pieces.  But I made her a depressing piano cake for her birthday.  At least, I think it's depressing.  I'm not the best judge at this point.  Please don't send me to Cake Wrecks!

It's an upright piano!  I swear, it was supposed to make her smile!
Honestly, I was just trying to make a little upright piano out of cake and icing, and it took a Tim Burton turn somewhere around the time when I ran out of brown food coloring to make the rich, wood tones of the Baldwin piano she always played growing up. 

It was supposed to be inspirational...a throw back to the old days when she'd stay up late practicing after my brother and I went to bed. turned out 

Idea: make "happy birthday" look like piano keys
Execution: um...I don't want to look anymore.

But I love you, Mom!  I really do, and I'm sorry your birthday cake wasn't all it should have been.  Next time I'll stick to primary colors and pastels.  Promise!


  1. i think it was awesome ames! i would have loved it and devoured it! makes me want to make a choc cake! maybe i will!!

  2. Thanks Rachel:). The other part I didn't write about was that the food coloring in the icing turned everyone's mouths purple! It was hilarious.