Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturdays with Baylor Flare

I tried to begin this post by writing witty new lyrics to the Baylor University fight song.  You know, that school in Texas, in the city where David Koresh went bonkers?  Yeah.  There. 

I find myself seriously disappointed in my powers of rhyme and meter this evening, so instead of "crucifying this verse" as Cole Porter might put it, I'll just tell you about my latest project, mmmk?
Baylor-inspired Saturdays in the much-loved green and yellow
I used to live in Washington D.C. - a fun time in my life, during which I acquired several lifelong friendships.  I wish I had the time and money to visit those people every year, but at this point, many of them have scattered to the four winds, like myself, and facebook stands in the place of costly trips these days.

I of course landed in the best place, Southern Indiana.  But my good friend, Lisa, would certainly take issue with that point of view.

You see, she's from Texas.

Yup.  And she's having a Texas birthday this year. 

So she called me up to find out if cake pops...that is...Saturdays...ship well.  Which they do!  And tomorrow morning they'll be winging their way to her door. 

Lemon Cake, Vanilla Butter Cream, White Chocolate Candy Coating

I have had the privilege of calling a few people my friend over the  years who have shown themselves to be the very best, stalwart kind of souls you want walking with you through your life. 

Lisa's one of those people. 

I haven't actually seen her for more than four years, but my son sleeps with a quilt she made by hand, and every day I eat off of dishes she bought for me as a wedding gift years ago.  I have a great suspicion that she has silently come to my aid when I've been most in need, though I can't prove it.  She's on a very short list of people I am sure I will know when I am 80 - and on an even shorter list of people I knowwho will still be able to hold their liquor when they're that old.

When I was lonely and lost in a big city, God gave me a good friend.  I enjoyed many happy evenings in her company, and only wish I could help celebrate her birthday in person.

Here's to you, Lisa.  I thank God for allowing our paths to cross, and I pray God's blessings on your head. 

Happy Birthday.  Go eat cake:).


  1. You, my friend, are a treasure. :) God provided me a friend in D.C. when I needed one as well. Thanks for the cake pops, and for being at my birthday in spirit, if not (completely) in person.

    P.S. -- David Koresh lived in Elm, Texas, 10 miles from Waco. :)

  2. We LOVED your cake pops! Can you share how you made them? We came up with several theories and want to know who is right (of course, we all know there is a 99% chance it will be Lisa...but just in case....!)
    Thanks again,

  3. @Crystal -- Come to think of it, I don't know that I ever offered up my theory. :)

    @Bake Lore -- We couldn't decide whether they were made using a mold or whether you used a melon baller to make the sccop. You may not want to give away state secrets like that but if you used a mold, holy cow are you a genius because I've never had a cake pop that moist. BTW, you're a genius regardless. :)

  4. Well, flattery will get you everywhere - thanks ladies:). I use the standard Bakerella method - cookie scoop, roll it by hand and chill. She's the real genius, althought I would never ever use a cake mix or canned icing. perish the thought! lol:)