Thursday, December 22, 2011

All the Fun, None of the Fuss

I have great memories of making Christmas cookies every year with my mom and my brother.  There was always a baking day in the week leading up to Christmas, and I looked forward to it.

This year, though, I am a wee bit overextended, and I find myself wishing for just an hour of Christmas cookie fun instead of a whole day.  Enter the homemade lofthouse cookie.  Oh...Oh my.

My sister-in-law, another baking Lore (who has her own great blog at and you should go check it out), found this recipe at a site called Annie's Eats.

I tried them.  I loved them.  I'll make them again and again. 

They're just what you'd expect - super soft sugar cookie with perfectly sweet icing.  I really encourage you to try them yourself. 

Not only did I get a recipe for Christmas cookies, these are an incredibly flexible cookie that can be formatted to any occasion just by changing your food coloring and sprinkles.  That's a huge win in my book! 

Now, you'll excuse me while my family and I go stuff as many of these into our faces as we can.  Merry Christmas!!!

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