Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's a Miracle

Oh's a miracle.

You know that stuff they try to sell at the grocery store or the craft store - they call it miracle cake release or some other such nonsense?  Yeah.  It cost's like eight dollars and you get this tiny little squeeze bottle of stuff. 


Guess what?  Thanks to the miracle that is Pinterest - seriously, you need to check Pinterest out if you haven't already - I found a DIY version of this miracle concoction, and guess what?  It really works. 

I tried it out on some blueberry streudel muffins this morning, and it's dreamy. 

blueberry streudel muffins...that did NOT stick to the pan:)

Well, yeah, you still have to wash the pan, but pretty much a clean break!
Here's the simple formula: one part crisco, one part veggie oil and one part all purpose flour.  Combine and beat the heck out of it.  Then you can store it forever in a bottle of your choosing. 

Awesome!  I'm in love...and did I mention it's a perfect substitute for parchment paper and butter?  Oh yeah!  Huge cost saver for the non-cake parts of cake making...that is some Charlie Sheen style winning, friends.  Love it.


  1. i'm totally writing this one down! (for when i can have carbs again!) how do you apply it to the pan? standard fingers in butter routine? or is it too liquidy for that?

  2. I used a pastry brush - works perfectly!