Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Happy Marriage

I supplied the cake for a 50th wedding anniversary party today.  I have known the couple for 15 years, and they are the model of fidelity, godliness and strength we all strive for.  It's good to have role models like that. 

They asked me to make a replica of their original wedding cake.  While the pictures they had on hand were great, they didn't provide a lot of detail for their cake.  So we went with simple and elegant. 

Celebrating 50 years and counting!

The topper is not a Bake Lore original.  The flowers are silk, and yes, those are Wilton pillars separating the tiers.  I usually balk at the pillared look, but this is just simplicity itself.  I love it. 

Actually, this is my first ever cake with pillars.  I've never had an order from anyone who wanted them.  I usually hear someone from Food Network in my head saying something snide like, "Hey, um, the 80's called, and, um, they want their cake back!" 

But I can't help it.  I love the way this turned out.  Honestly, it's a lot easier than sawing dowels to just the right height for stacked cakes.  These hidden pillars are pre cut and ready to go - plus they are super stable.  Gotta love it. 

Close up on the Chocolate Cake
Sometimes, less is more.
This cake was three flavors - Bananarama, Chocolate and Buttery Yellow.  I need to think up a better name for my chocolate cake...any ideas?  I love good ideas:).  It's iced entirely with Bake Lore vanilla butter cream and topped with some silk flowers. 

Bananarama Cake and Vanilla Buttercream
Just perfect. 

Congrats to Pat and Gary.  God bless you and THANK YOU for your wonderful example of leadership and faithfulness in our church and in our community. 

When I grow up.  I wanna be like you:).


  1. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I've always known that your cakes were beautiful, but I haven't tasted one until tonight. I have to admit, I had a little bit of all three flavors. Someone asked me which one was my favorite & I think they all were! I haven't had icing that melts in your mouth like that before. Not too sweet, not greasy, just heavenly! Oh, How about Chocolate Lover's Dream as a name for your chocolate cake. It is very chocolatey, which I love! Great job Amy! And I agree with what you said about Pat & Gary...Awesome couple!

  3. What wonderful words, ladies! Thank you so much:).