Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lightly Lemon

Now that you've seen the individual toppers, I'm going to show you the finished cakes!

Today, you get to see the Lightly Lemon cakes, and tomorrow, the final reveal of the Almond Bliss and the combined cake table at the reception. 

Lightly Lemon is a big fan favorite, especially with brides.  It's always included on a tasting platter, and a lot of times, even citrus haters say yes to the cake!

8" Lightly Lemon Cake, Vanilla Buttercream
Marzipan and gum paste topper
I LOVE the peach.  I want to eat that peach - and I could!  But it would taste like marzipan instead of peaches:).

And now, the prettiest, frilliest pink ribbon confection you'll ever see! 

6" and 8" Lightly Lemon Cake, Vanilla Buttercream

Ribbons!  And more...RIBBONS!

Oooo...don't get too fancy with that camera, Amy. 
This second cake was also a blast to decorate.  Here's a little before shot...

I got a little uneven in a couple places, but when your hand is cramping up, you do the best you can.  With the whole thing covered in the same texture, it was a combined effect.  I think the imperfections aren't noticable, and they let you know that someone took the time to work on every single row.

So that's it for the first flavor!  Tune in Monday to catch a look at the other two cakes and see the finished table at the wedding. 

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