Saturday, June 23, 2012

You Quit When You're Done

I have a singular goal for Bake Lore this summer: finish the business plan.

I have no intention of pursuing investors at the moment.  I'm doing this so I know where I'm going.

So far, I'm sitting pretty with my one-woman, one-kitchen show - I want that storefront, but I want it when I'm ready for it. 

I got some good news from the health department this weekend, indicating I have crossed yet another hurdle to official business-hood.  It's all falling in place.  Dare I dream that Bake Lore might finally be ready to make it official?

So I guess the long-term list looks a little something like this:

1. Finish business plan.
2. Purchase insurance - shout out to our local Richard Brown company here in Linton.  They actually insure start-up bakeries, and they are very affordable.  Got a great quote from them.
3. Register with local, state, federal agencies.
4. Advertise...a lot.
5. Join some bridal societies and take up beautiful booth space at bridal shows.
6. Fill up Summer 2013 calendar.
7. Get paid!

My passion for this business has waxed and wanned over the past few years.  I've really contemplated giving it up, calling it a hobby and forgetting the stress and mess of creating an actual business. 

Then I realized - work is work.  Yes, I love cake.  I love to make them beautiful, and I love to see people enjoy my creations.  But I am not doing this for my own amusement or as some sort of sugary philanthropy.  I'm doing it to create a new source of income for my family.

That independence is a huge motivator.  This is work, make no mistake.  I enjoy it - most of the time - but you don't get to quit working when you're tired.  You quit when you're done.  And I ain't done yet. 

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