Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buns of Bread

I love a good cake.   But, let's face it, it's not exactly an "every day food" as some nutritionalists so annoyingly point out. 

Cake is mostly empty calories (unless you're going for my extremely awesome whole grain coffee cake!).  In order to splurge on celebratory sweets, we sadly must attend to the real food of life, and eat well MOST of the time.

One of my passions is nourishing food.  Shocked are you?  Why would one so in love with sugar be so keen on keeping it out of the every day diet? 

Lots of reasons...maybe an entire blog's worth of reasons...but today, I'm just here to fill you in on a secret I'd like to let out of the bag:  I make an AWESOME loaf of bread.  (It ain't braggin' if you can do it, right???)

Soaked Whole Wheat Bread

My whole wheat bread goes through a two-step process, similar to what Sue Gregg teaches, a lady whom I love and admire.  Whole grains, soaked overnight to make the goodness in the grain accessible to our bodies and easier to digest, plus the good old fashioned triple rise...and you get some great results!

Just like the cakes, you can buy bread from me.  And pizza crusts, pancakes, morning cookies...and now...hamburger buns. 

Soaked Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns
These turned out so soft and melt-in-your-mouth yummy.  One loaf of bread = 7 hamburger buns, according to my recipe...Oh, these are definitely on the price list now.  Definitely!!

The big idea is to have a bakery with a dual focus - Cake Lore, your go-to designer cake maker...and Bake Lore, the only place you buy bread and buns that you don't make yourself:).  We'll see how that pans out. 

Right now, there's a slice of bread with my name on it...mmmmmmmmmm.

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  1. I would love to see you do a cinnamon raisin bread to toast and butter with my morning coffee!!! ;)