Saturday, January 28, 2012

Peacock Prototype

I have an exciting project for this summer: a steam punk wedding cake.  This is a cultural phenomenon that has produced some really elaborate, detailed art - from fashion to food. 

I'm excited to get a taste for this eclectic mix of Victorian garb and old-timey machinery.

I'm also excited to try my hand at some totally new techniques and create a truly unique cake for this couple.  So, even though it's months away, I have been experimenting. 

Gum paste flowers are one of my specialties, and I love making them.  Gum paste feathers, however, are much more of a challenge.  They aren't just thin, they're whispy, ephemeral.  That makes them a lot harder to mimick with sugar, which makes them a lot more FUN to try!

My first prototype looked a little...emaciated...and, well, just not right.  But I stand by my concept.  The form is there, the execution, not so much.

Is it a gaseous flame?  Is it the skeletal remains of a Star Trek alien?
But, round two has proven to be much more rewarding.  I think this is starting to look pretty cool!  And from a distance, the effect is much more convincing. 
Oh my gosh!  It's a peacock feather! 
I got that the first time.  I really did.  Promise.
This is basically a whole lot of thin, white floral wire, twisted and snipped into shape, and the center is of course gumpaste.  I used a leaf cutter, trimmed and shaped it and then added lots more wire to the top.  the color is all painted on, a mixutre of a little gel food color and a tiny splash of rum.  Yes, cake decorators paint with liquor - but don't worry, it's not enough to enjoy:). 

I'm going to keep working on this, but I wanted to share my progress.  What fun!

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