Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sidetrack: Being Robbed

The holidays were rough on our little corner of existence. 

Two break-ins...that's right...old school, rob-your-house-while-you-sleep kind of break-ins.  One on Christmas Eve night, and the other on New Year's Eve.

If they come back on my birthday, I will have to shoot someone.  Why couldn't it have been a good story?  You know...ninjas broke down my door looking for the stone of stealth on my back porch...or pirates attacked and our house was in their wake of pillaging and theft...but some meth-head (presumably...I mean, I love rural Indiana, but come on...) who just thought it would be fun?  Come ON!

But I digress...

That kind of stress can really throw you for a loop and keep you otherwise occupied when you might be...I don't know...blogging. 

I'm officially over it now, and I'm ready to renew my passion for my business.  I have high hopes that I'll have a booth set up at my very first bridal show by the end of the month, and if that happens and goes well, we might be blogging a whole lot more...and maybe considering moving forward on some of those amazing plans I've been making. 

Stay tuned...Bake Lore is returning to awesomeness with vigor and determination. 

Also, if you are the person who broke into my house, you are banned forever from eating my amazing cake.  FORever. 

That is all.


  1. that's isn't cool and i support your threat of no Bake Lore Cake F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

    did they take anything of great worth?

  2. They were so dumb, they didn't even take my wallet. Go figure.

  3. "Bake Lore is returning to awesomeness with vigor and determination."

    funny, i didn't know bake lore had lost any awesomeness, vigor or determination during your down time. i just figured it was a quiet, subdued awesomeness that sneaks up on you like a ninja and whacks you in the face just to show you how awesome it is!

  4. Thanks Ashley! I may put "cake ninja" on my new business cards. :)