Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Announcing: Give Away Rules!

I just recieved a huge box from Fat Daddio, with my name on it.

Oh the baking-geek joy that fills my heart! 

Inside, I found two for me and two for you, as promised!  I will be doing two separate give aways since the items are very different. 

First and foremost - - here's the LOOT!

The 10" square tube pan in the picture below is the first item. 

Our premium angel food pans are built to last! Each pan is constructed of 14 gauge anodized aluminum and features an even wall thickness. The anodized aluminum allows the cakes to climb well and release effortlessly. There is not a finer tube pan!
Next up, we have another unique item for your bakeware collection, the Fat Daddio, something they call a Hemisphere Muffin/Multi pan.
Fat Daddios muffin pan series are built from 18 gauge anodized aluminum and feature a rigid rolled rim that creates a very durable pan. The anodized finish promotes even baking and easy release and cleanup. With 8 styles, we offer everything from the standard muffin pans to our best selling square muffin pan.
You must be dying to know how to get your oven mits on these bad boys.  Here's how it's gonna work:

1.  I will use my set of bake ware, and blog about my experience and the recipe I used.

2.  You will obsessively compulsively check Bake Lore to see when I post about my experience and tell all your friends and relatives to do the same.

3.  When I publish the post about each item, you have two ways to enter the give away:
  • First, post a comment and say something nice(Snide comments will render your entry void...*raspberries*.) 
  • Second, you can have an additional entry by sending me an email at and using the subject line: I LOVE Fat Daddio!!  Also, say something nice.  I'm 30 now, and I need compliments more than I used to.
  • So, for each give away, you can enter a total of TWO ENTRIES - or more if you use another email address I suppose.
  • USE YOUR FULL NAME so I can make sure the correct person gets the loot!!  No name, no loot!!!!!!

4.  After THREE DAYS - with the option to extend if I feel like it:) - during which you will continue to check the blog and like the facebook page (see #2)! - I will announce a winner, chosen at random.

5.  THIS IS IMPORTANT:  The winner is entitled to one piece of bakeware - and free delivery or pickup.  The big point of this promo for me is to build up my LOCAL base, so  - -This give away is limited to those who are within a one-hour driving distance from Linton. 

This includes the Linton, Bloomfield, Jasonville, Dugger, Terre Haute, Bloomington, Sullivan, Washington, Vincennes and all points in and around beautiful rural Indiana - - this is your time to WIN!

I'm so sorry, but I just can't afford to ship to my fans in Latvia, though I love you dearly! (Es Tevi Milu! - - That's "I love you" in Latvian, for reals.) 

Sooooo, if you are one of the lucky winners (which you will know instantly because, again, see #2), that will bring me to your door with your Fat Daddio Pan - or you can pick it up in person. the way... If you decide you want me to throw in some bread or cookies, you totally have to pay for that:).

That's all for now!  Keep checking BAKE LORE!

And if you have questions, email me at, subject line: Fat Daddio Giveaway.



  1. Doh! I was so excited to enter the Give-Away!!! I'll just have to get my Terre Haute peeps to subscribe and post. :)

  2. Awesome! I'm goin to be obsessively checking! ;)

  3. So, does commenting here mean I enter? As a recipient of much of your baking, i can vouch for its goodness.