Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you for Calling Bake Lore...Please Hold...


Things is busy, kids!

I frankly...cannot believe it. 

The past two weeks have been nothing but calls and emails and orders and appointments.  I have been so busy baking, I haven't had a spare moment to update the old blog - apologies - but, if you are one of the many people who have recently called me to bake something, I totally blame you:).  Thank you.

My current projects are - many and varied - but the one that is really challenging me right now is this one:

Recognize that? 


Well, you may need to brush up on your African geography.  THAT, my friends, is Zambia!  It's a whole African country, and bunch of Hoosiers are heading there in the not so distant future for a mission trip.  Cool!

To celebrate that, they have commissioned yours truly to make this beast of a gerrymander out of cake.  We're doing West Zambia in yellow cake - - yellow cake always makes me snicker a little, cuz I'm a nerd - - and West Zambia in chocolate, and covering the whole thing in delicious Bake Lore buttercream.  So, the above shape, with the below color/decoration:

That, of course, is the flag - and, hey, does anyone know the Zambian national anthem?  It would really get me in the spirit of things I think.

Keep checking in to see my progress.  It's gonna be great!

***Post Posting Post***

I found the national anthem!

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