Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Fruit, Baby


Anyone still out there?

*cricket chirpping*


Well, then I guess no one will have to drool over this amazing fruit tart that I just made. 

I thought that might get your attention!  TADA!

Gorgeous, huh?  This is for a baby shower, for a mamma-to-be who *gasp* does not like cake.  Well, I'm here to calm all those cake-hating fears with good news: Bake Lore is your one stop bakery pastry wonderland.  That's right...from scratch pastry dough, tenderly cooked pastry cream, gorgeous fruit and an apricot glaze Julia herself would be proud of.

Now I'm off to finish the guitar cake...and a million Saturdays...and a million other things. 

Mmmmm...fruit tart...

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