Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's a Bakery Without Bread?

What's a bakery without bread?

This is the question a fellow entrepreneur asked me while discussing the profit margins I'm fighting in my market research.

Sadly, I am not undertaking a philanthropic venture - privately funding my quest to see that the world,  or at least the world of Southern Indiana - is eating properly prepared grains and celebrating with truly remarkable cake. 

In order for this to fly, I gotta be makin some dough - that's the cash kind, not the yummy, gooey, phytate-free kind:). 

My underlying passion for nourishing baked goods means I use very high quality ingredients.  And darned if I am going to give up the hunt for reasonably priced supplies at the first sign of trouble. 

I am not trying to start just another bakery.  I think my cakes speak for themselves as a cut above the competition.  And I am gaining a reputation for extremely high quality breads and cookies as well.  They don't just taste good.  They offer nutrition you cannot find in the grocery store or even in most bakeries.  My soaking method is as important to the taste and texture of my products as it is to the nutriton. 

It's a tragedy to me that the food we need to be healthy is so often cost prohibitive for people.  Or it's so far away we can't reasonably expect to access it regularly. 

I'm trying to offer extremely nutrious baked goods - as well as out of this world cakes - that are accessible to those of us who love to live rural and affordable to those who can't fork over a million bucks for sandwich bread. 

So if you're of the persuasion - please pray that I find the right vendors, the right supplies and keep moving forward. 

No one ever said pursuing your goals would be easy.  Let's face it, if it were easy, everyone would do it!  A bakery isn't a bakery without bread.  And Bake Lore is no bakery without high quality, whole food ingredients - so I will keep looking, researching and I know I'll find what I need to keep it affordable AND profitable!

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