Friday, September 2, 2011

Whole Wheat Sugar Cookie

Oh, come on!  Give it a chance!

Be adventurous - especially since this is NOT all that adventurous.

The go-to sugar cookie has been revamped in the Bake Lore test kitchen - aka, my house - and though it probably deserves some tweaking, I'm pretty sure I have a solid new recipe. 
Can you see a case full of these cuties greeting
you when you come in the shop??
Soaked whole wheat flour, of course - lots of butter and demarara sugar - eventually I'll use sucanat...just as soon as I can find a good vendor that doesn't eat me alive on shipping. 

Andrew, Bake Lore's official taste tester has declared them to be "yummy!"  So these little puppies will be fulfilling my end of a give away I did a week or so ago on my facebook page.  I hope they get good reviews! 

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