Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Ongoing Saga of Saturdays

Here at Bake Lore, we affectionately call cake pops Saturdays - because of the extreme cuteness of my three-year old and his obsession with high-quality baked goods. 

He coined the phrase, and I just love it.  It makes me smile everytime I hear it.  So when I had someone actually call and request them by name - that was great.  Aside from playing to my motherly girlishness, it also gave me the opportunity I've been waiting for to try the products from Chocoley Chocolate.

I bought two pounds of their dipping and enrobbing formula - "Badda Boom Badda Bing" - love their name for it!  And compared to Wilton's candy melts and the candy coating in the baking isle, this chocolate is like a different world!  Smooth, way tastier and just a gorgeous finish. 

2 dozen "Saturdays"
buttery yellow cake, vanilla butter cream with white chocolate coating
Bye bye, "rustic" look - hello smooth and sensational:).

I highly recommend!  I will be purchasing more from this company in the future - - possibly to cover a dozen Saturdays for YOU:).

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