Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Talk to Me! Please?

Market Research and business plan writing are going full steam ahead.  I have reached a point where I need some input, and would like to humbly request, dear readers, that you talk to me.

I generally ask 25 dollars to deliver to Terre Haute...and 50 to deliver to Indianapolis.  I need to find out how much interest there is in a weekly, free delivery.  As in, a common drop-point, not a to-your-door kind of thing.

This would be for small pastries, bread, scones, cookies etc.  Large specialty cakes require much more work and care, so they usually have to be delivered on thier own, to the venue.

So, please, can you talk to me?  Tell me, Terre Hautians and Indianaplolissssians...people from Indianapolis!....if there was a weekly "drop" would you order???

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