Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I just got an AMAZING review from the lovely couple who received the colossus of cake I made a few weeks ago.  I was very touched by the groom's praise, and I wanted to share! 

Here's what Mr. G. had to say:

It's hard to separate my review from the friendship I have with the baker and her husband, but please believe me when I say that this was the absolute best cake I've ever eaten.

The human brain is meant to react favorably to certain flavor profiles and certain devious and hack bakers would simply appeal to your base instincts with a brain blasting dose of sugar, fat and chocolate; all good things and certainly tasty but rather mundane and cloying. Yet, it is a true craftsman who can take the same ingredients and spin together a cake that is on one hand rich in flavor and texture and on the other delicate and it is with the wondrous creation that Amy Lore baked for us on our wedding day.

After trying a few different samples about 6 weeks before the wedding, Krista and I decided on the light scrumptious lemon cake that Amy had prepared for our tasting. Also, after giving her a few guidelines and ideas for what we wanted for... decoration, Amy giggled and scurried away into her lab of cakey goodness began forging our sweet masterpiece.
On the day of our wedding it was revealed that not only had she done what we asked, but she had far surpassed our expectations. The cake was a "simple" layer stack but with an offset tiered positioning with every color of the rainbow presented in a fun and beautiful arrangement of gum paste flowers. Forgoing a usual cake topper she sculpted us a letter "G" for Gant out of the gumpaste as well. The look was clean, colorful, beautiful and amazing.

Now a cake can look beautiful but the superficial can hide something unspectacular underneath. This was quite the opposite. The smooth white butter cream exterior and the ROYGBIV flower arrangement gave the eye a glimpse of what was to
The cake, as I say, was the best I've ever eaten. The butter cream was thick with a hint of being decadent but shied away from it by blending with the cake expertly. The cake itself was textured and thick (packed full of flavor) and stood up strongly to the frosting. It was everything you'd want from a cake; fork tender with a bit of chew, firm without being dry or crumbly, and almost juicy with the lemon flavor and OH MY the lemon flavor.
It was again, not harsh like a lemon drop or lemonade, but smooth,light and dare I say refreshing, which truly cut through the butter cream combining to create a truly GREAT cake experience. I hope Krista and I can order another one for our anniversaries and other special events. It was......marvelous.

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