Monday, July 18, 2011

Can I Get a "B?"

B: second letter in the alphabet, first letter in the official name of my bakery dream.

That's right kids, I've given this a lot of thought (and agonizing, OCD-style, flip-flopping, second-guessing consideration).

There is going to be an official name change. 

Cake Lore is SO MUCH MORE than cake. 

My dream is big and as it slowly materializes, I realize I need a name that is going to let me explore more than cake.  I am a baker - of fantastic cakes, yes - but also of bread and rock-your-world pastries. 

I make a serious cream puff, my friends. 

So this is it.  I'm announcing an official name change.  Cake Lore is getting married.  She is marrying bread, and her new initials start with "B!!"

BAKE Lore: Beautiful Cakes, Nourishing Breads, Decadent Pastries

C'est moi:). 

I'll be migrating this whole kit and kabboodle soon. 


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