Saturday, July 30, 2011

Double Plus Fail

Well...let's many ways can you think of to fail at something? 

I'm pretty sure I hit them all today.  I just love learning things the hard way. 

Join me...let's find all the things that are WRONG with the following statement:

Me, my toddler and my overheated SUV transported the super cute Tangled Tower cake about two hours away to an outdoor birthday party. 

1. I can hardly go to Walmart alone with my awesome, but frequently hard-to-handle kid.  Why did I think I could deliver a cake with him in tow?  Several problems arise from this one point - but mostly, I couldn't get the car cooled down before I put the cake in - so before I even took off, there was unknown melting going on. 

2. I can never, ever, ever deliver a tiered cake without a partner - ever again.  Disaster would have been averted if there had just been someone back there to take care of poor Rapunzel.  I'm just sick that my neglect probably added to her already abused much more counseling can one person go through???

Look at her!  She's totally depressed. 
I would be too if someone trashed my fortress of solitude.
3. The air wasn't getting cold enough, fast enough - like I said, I couldn't cool it down first.  Then half way there, I realized the blowers were turned off way in the back.  Are you kidding me?????

4.  It was crazy hot today!  It's so hot, I'm pretty sure you could get a date with the Snow Queen without any effort at all.

5.  I drove TWO HOURS???  Why did I do that?  The bottom line is that butter cream will not hold up to that duration in the car without refrigeration during transport - or being MUCH bigger...

6.  This maybe wasn't part of my original statement, but I think contributed to my delusion of a perfect delivery...I usually transport enormous mountains of cake.  The sheer mass of my cakes usually contributes to them holding at a better temperature in transit.  Mr. and Mrs. G had a perfectly cool and lovely cake upon delivery. 

But not so today...this was a single tier cake with a tower on top of it.  It heated up fast and by the time I arrived, I had to use the cake pops to prop up the tower.  It crashed into the side of the cake during transit and then I had to prop it up with my hand so the poor little girl could get her picture taken with it.  I'm not really sure she even got a good idea of how much work I put into the thing. 

What a frustrating failure.

I guess it was bound to happen sometime.  I'm just glad the birthday girl and her mom were understanding - and really glad they weren't paying full price.  Talk about embarrassing.  Hopefully the pictures of how it was supposed to look will make up for the melted mayhem I brought to the birthday party today. 


No wreck pictures, kids.  Just use your imagination and draw something for Cake Wrecks.  I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a Lifetime movie or something.

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