Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bubbly, Lovely Sourdough Goodness

I have been learning some COOL stuff about bread this week.

Sourdough bread - for example - is incredibly cool stuff.  The starter - which is just flour and water in a mason jar - literally pulls the yeast and good bacteria out of the air around it and creates a  bubbling ball of nourishing life after just 12 hours on the kitchen counter.

See da bubbles?
All that life makes your insides SO happy when you eat it.
Bubbles = Life!
I've got a starter going, one which I hope will be the mother of countless loaves of yummy, chewy bread - and yes, even CAKE.  And I'm just fascinated by how this works.

I've downloaded the introduction to sourdough from an great site I frequent, Gnowflgins - weird name, awesome site - and it has just made me giddy with new information.

I'll be keeping you posted on how I progress with my sourdough.  I hope to master it and perfect it in the coming weeks.

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